RFID Australia Passport Holder


Tired of fumbling for your passport and boarding pass whilst travelling? 

Stay organised with our Leather RFID Australia Passport Holder! Our Passport Holder has been specifically designed to keep all your travel valuables accessible and safe in one place! Never again will you have to stress and waste time trying to find your passport or boarding pass as you're approaching security and nor will you be at risk of having any of your credit cards skimmed with our RFID blocking technology. 

Transform the way you travel with our Leather RFID Australia Passport Holder making your travel experience breezy, organised, less stressful and less overwhelming.

Trusted By Many Happy Australians

Everything about our Leather RFID Australia Passport Holder has been designed to make travellers lives easier giving them more time to spend travelling and less time stressing about where their valuables are. Recommended by leading travel experts around the world, these Leather RFID Passport Holders have made a significant difference to the travel experience for many people all around the world! Saving time, and stress whilst keeping your travel valuables organised and protected!

Join loads of Happy Australian customers who have had their travelling experiences with transformed with Australia’s Leading Leather RFID Australia Passport Holder

Benefits of Our Leather RFID Australia Passport Holder


✅ Keep your Passport & Other Travel Valuables Safe

✅ Protect Your cards From Being Skimmed With Our RFID Technology

✅ Keep Sim Cards, Money, Credit Cards & More Safe in One Place

✅ No More Wasting Time Trying To Find Things!

✅ Make Going Through Security & The Rest of The Airport a Breeze

✅ Stay Organised On Your Trip

✅ Use Our Passport Holder Time And Time Again

✅ Protect Your Travel Valuables

✅ Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

✅ Used By Many Happy Australian Customers


Proven to create a more stress-free travel experience!

Our Leather RFID Australia Passport Holder will not only help you keep all of your travel valuables safe, but will create a far more stress-free travelling experience! Rather than fumbling around your bags trying to find your passport, your boarding pass, your credit cards or even a pen, you'll pull out one simple item that keeps everything all together safely and spend less time feeling overwhelmed and more time enjoying your travels hassle-free.

Why Do You Need Our Leather RFID Passport Holder?

Not only will you feel less stressed having all of your travel valuables in one place, but you'll feel a lot more at rest with our RFID blocking technology, blocking any skimmers from swiping money from your credit cards. And as you approach security, the checkin counter or boarding your plane, you'll confidently pull out your passport holder knowing everything you need is safe and in one place and continue onto your travels with a smile as opposed to getting flustered and overwhelmed. Once you have one, you’ll keep it for life!


  • Made from high-quality eco-friendly PU texture leather
  • Various colours to choose from make your journey full of joy.
  • 2 x sim card slots for international sim cards
  • 4 x credit card slots
  • Pen Holder Pocket
  • Cash Pocket
  • Boarding Pass Pocket
  • Passport Pocket & Elastic Strap to secure items

What's Included:

1 x Leather RFID Australia Passport Holder In Your Colour of Choice


Feel Safe With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are Australia’s leading Home & Travel store, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND!

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